Sunday, November 16, 2008

Phoenix NASCAR style

Our trip to Phoenix for the 2nd to last race of the year was so much fun! We went with Kevin and Mariana and Chas and Carrie. This was Kevin and Mariana's first race and my first race without the boys there. We were able to go on pit road and be up close while they qualified for positions and practiced. Here are some pictures courtesy of Mariana. :)

Darrell and I watching the band after the Nationwide race.

Here we all are walking under the track to pit road.

Kevin at his driver's merchandise hauler. #26 Jamie McMurray

Kevin and #26 Jamie McMurray.
(Darrell was a little upset that Kevin was able to meet and take pictures with his driver for his first time at the track. He has been trying to meet Tony for quite some time now.)

Kevin and Mariana with thier Fan View Scanner at the race.

We are actually standing on the track!!

Kevin and Mariana

Carrie and Chas

The 6 of us!
We love our kids, but it was sure nice to have some time away!


Mackey Family said...

What a blast!! Looks like you guys were in heaven!!!! I am sure you missed your kiddo's and that they were soooo jealous!!!

Harmony said...

Darrell's not looking too excited in those pics! Sounds like a fun trip though. Hmmm....I wonder when we'll go on vacation without our kids?? Gives me something to dream about! :)

jenny said...

what a fun trip! it's fun to see both of your families and how everyone is doing. looks like you guys had an amazing trip!

Wendy said...

You guys came to Phoenix and didn't visit? That's too bad. It is fun to get away from the kids but, it is amazing how much you miss them.