Saturday, November 22, 2008

Poor Baby Sean

Baby Sean seems to have had more than his fair share of accidents recently. I don't know how many of you I told about this, but I got a text from Darrell a few weeks back during an orientation at work. He was letting me know that there was no more emergency, but the ambulance had been to our house to check out Sean. I immediately left the orientation to call home. His older brothers had been running in circles like they always do and he just wanted to join in. He got knocked over and went unconcsious for a few minutes. Needless to say, Darrell was quite worried and called the ambulance. Everything was fine and he even woke up before they got there and they are right across the street from us.
So, today when Darrell called me at work again, I was definitely concerned. Darrell spent the morning trying to replace our kitchen light fixture and Sean happened to get in the way. I am not sure the exact details. I just know that we thought he might need stitches. I hurried home and found that he was fine other than the big cut on his upper lip. It isn't as deep as Darrell had originaly thought. We bandaged him up and he is doing well. I am just hoping that a 3rd big accident doesn't come along any time soon. Poor Baby Sean!

Darrell is calling him baby Hitler!

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Harmony said...

Poor kid! Being a boy is tough!!