Monday, March 16, 2009

Sean turned 2

My Baby Sean is 2 years old. What are we to do?? :) He started early with his 2 year old attitude. Then he is the sweetest baby when he wants to cuddle. According to my dad (we always measure the kids at age 2 then double it to see how tall they are supposed to be) Sean will be 5'7". Not too short, but definitely shorter than his brothers. He is my little runt! We had a small family party yesterday to celebrate his birthday. We love you, Sean!

His cake

He has such helpful brothers when blowing out the candles.


Mom & Dad got Sean his very own slide!

(Should of just got him a box!)


My "cool" boys with mohawks and sunglasses!


Mackey Family said...

Happy b-day baby Sean!! I can't believe how big he is getting!!

Harmony said...

Happy Birthday Sean! Those slides are great!

Julie H. said...

Happy Birthday Sean! We love you!!