Monday, March 23, 2009

Girls Weekend in Park City

My best friend, Mandie, and I decided that we deserved some time to be girls. Away from husbands and kids, even if it was only one night. We headed up to Park City and our first stop was to get manicures and pedicures. Surprisingly enough...this was my first experience with both. I assure you, it won't be my last!!

Here we are enjoying the massage chairs.
And here are my cute painted toes!

After our lovely afternoon at the spa we decided to go chill in the hot tub at the hotel. Then it was off to a night of dinner and shopping. I found a great new purse at Liz Claiborne for$17.99! It was originally $50!

This is not the one I chose.

Mandie modeling her new sunglasses!

We were kindof in a silly mood and decided to find some matching earrings to remember the weekend by. We walked into Clairs and I saw the ear peircing station. I have been wanting to re-peirce my upper left ear for a while now. I have had it done twice before and both times it got infected for different reasons and I had to let it grow over. So, on a whim...I asked Mandie if she would be willing to get hers done too.

I was brave and went first. I did appreciate the teddy bear to hold onto. :)

Right after. Owie!

Mandie's turn...she looks nervous!

All done!
Our ears look pretty red...but it really wasn't too painful.

Chillin' in the hotel. We found some girl scout cookies on the way up!
Mandie is proud of her savings!

At the Utah Olympic Park.

It was quite a windy day.

On Main Street in Park City next to the moose statue.

I Love Lucy chocolates were a little out of our price range for chocolate.
I want to thank Mandie for such a great time! I hope this is something that we can make happen more regularly. Anyone else interested in coming next year, just let us know. :)


Mackey Family said...

Me me!! I wanna go! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Mandie Green said...

Thank you for editing my gracefulness at the pool. ;) You should see my knee now! Holy Cow, I am bruised from my knee to the middle of my shin. All-in-all, TOTALLY worth it.
Can't wait for our next adventure!!

Angela said...

I want to go too! Count me in for next year. (I might be to chicken to get my ears pierced though.)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks like a lot of fun! It was good to see you. Too bad you had to leave early. I hope your boys get better.

Nate & Brooklynn Cochran Fam. said...

Cute Christy! It was fun running into you at brick oven. Looks like you treated yourselves to a lot of fun!