Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brady's 7!

I feel like we have been celebrating Brady's birthday for 2 weeks now. My family has a LOT of birthdays in July so we decided to go in together on renting out Classic Skating. SO MUCH FUN!! I highly recommend it. It isn't too expensive and it is AWESOME to have it all to yourselves!! So, on the 21st we had all our friends and families come skating. Brady got some great gifts and we all had a great time skating and scootering and we even got to play on the bounce houses that they had there. Here are some pictures of the fun!

Brady and his table full of presents.

This is Brady's camera grin!

Daddy helping Damon skate.

Evan playing on the bounce houses.

Sean scootering!

Everyone in this picture has a birthday in July. From Left to Right....Missy, Braxten (in stroller), Jordyn, Daniel, Crystal, Kaden, Kenzie, Skylee, Katie Lyn, Brady, Ruth & Ethan (in stroller). Missy, Braxten and Jordyn are my sister's sister in law and neice and nephew. Katie Lyn is my brother's neice. Ruth is my sister in law and the rest are all cousins and my parents grandkids. SOOOO many July birthdays!
On the actual day of Brady's birthday (July 31), we took our little family to Nickelcade to celebrate. Then went home for some cake and ice cream. We had so much fun with our boys.
Evan & Sean
Yoda Cake

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