Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More than our fair share!

We have definitely had more than our fair share of accidents this month!

Sean fell and hurt his leg playing on our trampoline on Monday, August 3rd. We debated on taking him in to see someone. Even after taking a nap, he would not put any pressure on his leg at all. The InstaCare doctor told me that it looked like it was fractured, but he would have the radiologist look at it closer. I then got a phone call the following Wednesday from the radiologist telling me that it was NOT fractured. So, we removed the splint and he spent the next week and a half crawling around not wanting to put any pressure on it. After 2 weeks, he is still limping a little, but running and playing like normal.

Last night it was Brady's turn. We were at Damon's soccer practice and the other boys had all brought their scooters to play on while Damon practiced. Brady snuck over to Geneva Park which is right behind Suncrest Elementary and was riding his scooter down the hill there. He fell on his arm and wasn't able to come over and tell me for quite a few minutes. Evan finally yelled for me and told me Brady was hurt. Needless to say we left practice early. It was quite swollen when we got home and we debated on going to InstaCare or the ER. After taking X-Rays, the ER doctor said that it was broken and he was going to have to sedate Brady in order to put the bones back in the correct place. He is wearing a splint for 5-7 days and we have an appointment for next Tuesday to get an actual cast put on. Poor kid doesn't get to enjoy our last camping trip up at Starvation this weekend. No more swimming for Brady. Good thing summer is pretty much over.

The only good thing to come of this for Brady is that he will have an excuse to not do too much writing for the first few weeks of school!

I will be happy to not go to another ER, InstaCare or doctor appointment for the rest of the year!! (other than getting the cast on and off!)


Mackey Family said...

That poor kid and you poor mom! What a month you've had! Good thing your boys are tough! Now he gets to have time to decide what kind of cast to have. The other day I saw a girl with a cast on her arm that was blue and had black stripes on it. It looked dang cool!

Harmony said...

Being the kid in school with the cast is awesome! Once it starts feeling a little better I'm sure he'll soak it up!

hmsgofita said...

So sorry. I hope his arm heals fast! Boys, always getting into trouble!

Nate & Brooklynn Cochran Fam. said...

Oh my gosh Christy! I think having 3 girls verses 4 boys is sounding pretty good right now:) I'm so sorry doctors offices are no fun! I hope they heal up soon!