Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jazz Game #2

Jazz game #2 was on January 14 against the Cavs. Jazz won 121-99! It was awesome. Damon and Brady are really starting to understand and get involved. We had a great time. We made some signs, but didn't ever get put up on the big screen. Maybe next time. :) Me and my boys!
Raja Bell came out to shoot around before the game. We were hoping to get his autograph on Brady's jersey and our Jazz ball, but it was too close to game time and he had to hurry into the locker room.

Big T Bailey is so nice...and so tall!

Gordon Hayward

Jeremy Evans

Big Al Jefferson

Coach Jerry Sloan

Watching them shoot around before the game.

Patiently waiting to get some autographs. We got a total of 8 signatures on our Jazz ball that we will take to the next game and hopefully add to that. :)

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