Saturday, February 19, 2011

Damon is 10!

My Damon is 10. I can't believe it. He has been waiting for this day for quite a while. He took almost a year's worth of piano lessons in order to get his very own guitar. His cousin Alex is quite the guitar player and he would like to be able to play like him. My brother is also a great guitar player and is planning to teach him lessons. He had his first lesson yesterday and is already able to switch between a couple chords. The first song he wants to learn to play is Smooth Criminal by none other than Michael Jackson! I am excited to hear him practice as he learns to play.

For his birthday we went to Classic Skating with his cousins and friends from school. They seemed to all have a good time and it is much easier than having 20 boys at my house. :)

As part of the party he got to go into the ticket blaster and catch as many tickets as he could in 45 seconds. Then he got to spin the prize wheel where the BIG prize was $10! He was lucky enough to actually win the BIG prize!!

Here we are after skating with all the cousins sleeping at our house. In all (including my 4 boys) we had 12 boys sleeping over! Good times indeed!
Here they are playing the Michael Jackson Experience game. Love it!
I can hardly believe it has been 10 years since I became a mom! Love you Damon Paul!


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