Friday, October 3, 2008

Again with the Chicken Pox

Brady woke up this morning with even more chicken pox than he had yesterday. Poor guy is really struggling. He is practically covered from head to toe. I keep telling him that he will get through it and to try not to scratch them. He is miserable! Evan on the other hand has more today but still only about 1/4 of the amount that Brady has. He just has a few here and there. He complains when Brady complains. Damon is all cleared up and Sean still doesn't have any. Which is really frustrating because I am probably going to have to deal with this again in 2 weeks. I hope that Brady and Evan scab over before next Tuesday so I can go to my work meeting, otherwise I am going to have to stay home with them. I thought that I finally had all my babysitting arrangements all worked out and then my kids get the chicken pox. I suppose that's the way life goes! We shall continue our battle with the pox!

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jenny said...

fun background!! sounds like you guys have your hands full with the chicken pox! at least they can all infect each other and be done with it. poor boys! but hey - at least they get to miss school! :)