Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We spent Monday evening carving our pumpkins and the boys decided it was a contest. Damon and Daddy worked together carving the Spider pumpkin. Brady and Mom carved the Pirate Ship. Daddy was faster and according to the boys, he won. Then we had one more pumpkin to carve and I saw this vampire silouette. How appropriate for the Twilight books that I have been reading the last few weeks. I think that they all turned out pretty good. I love the pattern books that they make these days. Without them, my carving skills would be non-existant. Happy Halloween!!

The 2 on the ends have tatto like transfers. They were really easy and are actually pretty cute!


Harmony said...

Cute pumpkins! We'll be doing ours tonight so look for my post on our mad pumpkin skills!

Mackey Family said...

Very cute pumpkins!! We are doing ours tonight! I am excited to try one of the patterns this year. So what do you think of Breaking Dawn?

Jeremy and Mandie said...

How FUN! I stared and stared at the vampire pumpkin and just couldn't figure it out. I finally see it. (Yeah, I just woke up after being up all night last night) Anyway, they are all cute and you are too talented.
We didn't do pumpkins this year, but we did go all out decorating our car for the trunk or treat. Jeremy went as a mad scientist and our car was his laboratory. I really need to post the pictures on my blog but I am SO far behind in my blogging right now.

Anonymous said...

We carved some pumpkins too...I put up a slideshow of it on my blog. Yours are much more impressive:)