Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Star Wars Boys

I know that it is still a little early for Halloween, but the boys were very excited to try on thier costumes. We are going with a Star Wars theme this year.
Here is Baby Sean as Darth Vader. (We are going to struggle to keep his hat on)

Here are the 3 older boys striking a pose with their light sabers.

They take this very seriously.

Damon is Luke Skywalker.

Brady is Anakin Skywalker.

And here is Evan as Darth Maul. We are going to have a battle of good vs. evil with the older boys against the younger boys.

I LOVE Halloween!


Harmony said...

It must be a boy thing because my little guy is ALL about star wars. He knew more about it than I did and he had never even seen the movies! I think Darrell should go as chewbacca!

Sandy said...

That is fantastic! And pretty stinking adorable. And I totally agree with Harmony! I see a little Princess Lea and Chewie. Awesome!

Julie H. said...

I love Evan! He looks like a little devil ready to unleash the havoc!