Monday, October 20, 2008

A day at the Zoo

I have been wanting to take the boys to the zoo for quite some time now. There has always been an excuse for us not to go. Too much money, too hot, too cold, etc. Well, I was able to get some free tickets from my store director at work and yesterday was such a beautiful, fall day that we had no more excuses. We invited my sisters and their families and we were on our way to the zoo. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed. The zoo is not what it used to be. The exhibits are all run down, the animals were kinda boring and the train ride that cost us an extra $1 per person was only 5 minutes long. On the other hand, the boys didn't seem to notice and they had a great time seeing all the animals. Sean was fascinated by the monkeys and the snakes especially. He kept pointing and talking. It was fun to see their reactions to the elephants and the rhinos. All in all, it was a great time spent with our family. Here are some pictures of our adventures.
Sean and Kaden were so impressed with the snakes. The boys kept trying to get Daddy to see them.

Daddy wouldn't get too close and barely even looked at the snakes.

Kenzie and Sean watching the Giraffes.

Evan in the turtle shell.

This is Baby Emma (Cathie's baby) covered in chicken pox. I know, I feel a little guilty for infecting all the cousins.

This is Kaden (Carrie's baby). He is covered as well. Hey, they wanted their kids to get the chicken pox. It isn't entirely my fault! :)

I'm not sure what Abbie (Cathie's oldest) was so upset about.

They found the urge to climb on every animal statue that there was. The one in the pink jacket is Kenzie (Carrie's oldest).

Brady in the turtle shell.

Baby Sean pointing at all the monkeys.

Climbing again!

My boys at the zoo.


Harmony said...

I'm glad you finally got your family up there! We used to live less than a mile from the zoo so we would go all the time. My little guy was obsessed with snakes. We would stare at them FOREVER!

Mackey Family said...

The zoo is one of my boy's favorite place too. They couldnt get enough of the monkeys! Ya and i agre that the train ride is kind of a joke, but it was a fun outing with the family right?

Julie H. said...

Hee, hee, hee. I would love to have seen you all trying to get Darrell to see the snakes. Ain't happenin', right?

Christy said...

Yeah, not even close. He struggled just being in the same room with them. I am still trying to figure out where his fear came from.

Brig and Ashlee said...

Looks like we just missed each other at the zoo. I was sad there weren't as many animals as when we were young but we still had fun too. Your boys are all so handsome. I can't believe you have four! We are going to have our second in December and it's a boy. Now we need a name. Maybe I'll use one of yours :)

Anonymous said...

Which zoo is this? We love going to the zoo too! Now that the weather is cool down here we will probably start going again. Except the Phoenix Zoo is sooooooooooooooooo expensive!